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Gourmet and Entertainment

The local dishes are tasty, spicy, savory, and rich in vitamins. These are prepared with many vegetables and spices: you can enjoy various kinds of meat, especially delicious are game and fish. White and red wines from south-east Bulgaria, where Sozopol is located, are very famous for their quality.

Among the most attractive places are Vyaturnata Melnitsa, Hudozhnitzite, Xantana, Neptun, Kladentsa, Stenata. Some of these are very interesting as they are built over ancient remains after detailed archaeological research and restorations. Such an example is the Stenata Restaurant, the basement of which was used as a grain warehouse far back in time while the Kladenetsa Restaurant was built over a spring, which used to supply the town with drinking water via water pipes.

The exquisite cuisine of the Kavaler restaurant attracts gourmets to the New town. Other popular restaurants in this part of Sozopol are Boruna, Amon Ra, and St. Nicola.