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Archeological Heritage

The atmosphere of Sozopol is ancient and artistic. The impression is coming from the cobbled streets and high fences in front of which the old women sit and chat, knit laces and sell green fig jams. Among the architectural monuments, more than 45, are two ancient churches from the Renaissance period (14th century) - St. Zosim Church and The Holy Virgin Church and many houses dating back to the 17th century, several of which now-a-days are having social functions, hosting art galleries, restaurants, a medical center and a national weekly news paper. The charming houses in the old town are considered as historic heritage and thus are protected by law; they cannot be destroyed nor rebuild, only resorted.

Other interesting places to visit are the Archeological Museum and the Art Gallery, both situated in the old town, and the excavations of the ancient necropolis on the Harmanite beach.

As the town has more than 2 600 years of history, there are relics of different periods and cultures to be seen: Greek-Roman monuments dating back to the Antiquity and architectural monuments from the Bulgarian Renaissance. The strategic position of Sozopol gave it the opportunity of holding the ways to the coast of the Black Sea and the Stranja Mountain that were rich in raw materials and gave it an active intermediary part in the commerce among the Athenian sea unions, the Greek states in the Mediterranean area and the Thracian formations. Culture and art started flourishing, temples and public buildings were built, exquisite sculptures in the classical style of the ancient Greek art were made. Artifacts were made from gold, silver, bronze and marble, coins were minted. Many of these can be seen today in Sozopol’s museums.